Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Final Abstract, Bibliography, Link to Paper

Abstract: An examination of the negative effects of college adjustment was done to measure whether or not drinking had a substantial effect on incoming freshman and their adjustment. Students go through what is a considered a “developmental disturbance” and struggle to establish some sense of identity. This affects the social aspect of their college experience and makes them drawn to drinking. I explored the effects of the environment on an individual, as well as the individual’s effect on the environment and discovered that students who drink tend to by psychologically unstable and uncomfortable with their college adjustment. Community college students were included in this examination because they represent a separate, but equally important, population. Motivation was taken into consideration as well, in regards to whether a student is first generational or not. In summation, it was found that privatization takes advantage of the general struggle with college adjustment and accepts underage drinking.


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Link to Paper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CvWkdPEU0ISzpgyQ6H-zQmSoaRiv25qzJHpWkQbos3Y/edit

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